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  1. Graham Whittaker says:

    Justin and I have had two glorious afternoons flying at the Bungalow Dartmoor site and as we have both said we are so lucky to have this wonderful area on our back door step.The idea was to test my new Radian and it flew so well straight out of the box and is a revelation for a relative novice such as me.We had 2 windy (north west and westerly) sessions of over two hours each and could have flown all day until the tx batteries ran out- motors were definitely not required but helpful to me when the altitude got just a bit too low.Justin attached my mobius camera to his Multiplex easy star pro and we got some wonderful footage. For those who don’t know the mobius is a fantastic aerial camera – so easy to use and with 14GB of built in memory can produce nearly an hour of footage (broken in to 15 minute segments) and can be picked up for a very modest price. But do beware of fakes and make sure you get the genuine product.There is an excellent Mobius support site on line which is keenly supported and will tell you anything you need to know.Downloaded movies go straight from the camera to your pc as it is treated as an external drive as is a digital camera.

    The old hands know all about this site but if you haven’t given it a go it is wonderful and no nearby trees to get your heart racing.

    I’ll ask Justin to download a photo or two as they say almost everything you need to know about the site- a picture tells a thousand words etc.

    What a memorable couple of days for us both and I doubt it gets better than that- no damaged aircraft either ! so I must be learning something !

    Graham Whittaker

  2. admin says:

    Well done Graham! The Bungalow site has many positives apart from being close by. The lift is good WNW through NW and the open landing area behind is great for rookies to slope soaring. Be aware that when the wind gets up the gorse bushes on the edge create a lot of turbulence which can catch you out. Motor is definitely needed when the wind is above 10 mph to get out over this and into the lift which is further out. None of us fly un-powered gliders there for this reason.
    Blackdown Hill above the Camp provides even better lift and is certainly more open but is quite a trudge up there. Landings can be tricky there and you need one of the olds hands to show you the best approach for landings.

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