Who we are

The club started life in the early 1990s – (see the club history). We have approximately 20 members and fly fixed wing powered aircraft, helicopters and multicopters (drones) , either by i.c. or electric power. In addition the club has a strong glider contingent. Our members come from a wide cross section of the local community including young people, unemployed, retired and disabled people within Okehampton and surrounding areas.
Amongst the club members is an instructor willing to train beginners in flying and safety aspects of model flying up to a standard where the pupil can be assessed by a BMFA examiner and gain an “A” certificate to allow them to fly without the supervision of an experienced pilot. The newly qualified pilot is then encouraged to progress and gain higher qualifications, which will then allow the pilot to fly in competitions and at public events.

Foamies at St Michael's May 14th 2014

Foamies at St Michael’s May 14th 2014




What we do
Have fun mainly! Safety is taken seriously of course, but it is all done within a friendly atmosphere with co-operation the norm, and a minimum of rules.
How to join; If you would like to join us, come along to a club meeting, or contact one of the club officers on our contact us page.

We are affiliated to the BMFA (club no. 516)

Aerotow Events 

We have a monthly aerotow event which is open to both club members and visitors. We have a number of regular visitors coming from all over Devon and Cornwall to enjoy our spectacular site.

Credit to Richard Johns (a former member) for this fantastic video and to Andrew for editing it for the site.

Please contribute to this web site
This web site is a simple ‘Blog’ site intended to allow members and non members of OMFC to contribute to the local model flying scene.