Sloping with a PuRES glider

Managed to get out flying today on Dartmoor at St Michaels Bungalow.  Wind was forecast westerly; however when I got there this afternoon it had changed to an ideal North westerly at around 7 to 10 kts.  Perfect for a sloping maiden of my recently built PuRES V2.  Weighing a meagre 450 grams, 2 meter wing span; with V tail control. This is my first foray into unpowered flight and V tails.  Went really well and was pleased with its performance; at times climbing up a good 100 feet above my location and got in some figure of 8 flying along the slope and also managed a couple of loops.  Small 4.8v NIMH 750 mah battery.  Flew for around 30 minutes total and still had voltage to spare.  Happy to be out flying again after a long lockdown, due to Covid 19, hope to see you out there soon. (2)

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4 Responses to Sloping with a PuRES glider

  1. admin says:

    Very pretty glider Gary. Slope flying can be awesome in the right conditions.
    Just finishing a 2.9M F5J glider which I hope to have in the air shortly.
    Like the new Frsky Tx too!!!

    • Gary Bridgewater says:

      Your new glider sounds great Rob, look forward to seeing it. Yes went for the Horus X10s Express, gimbals are superb & have Open TX setup & can use either regular receivers or Access. Well impressed with it.

  2. Andrew says:

    Super lightweight glider Gary! Sloping is a great relaxing pastime, and so rewarding.
    Hope to be out again soon. Yet to maiden my Blejzyk Mefisto!

    • Gary Bridgewater says:

      Thanks Andrew, was definitely relaxing. I had a group of Dartmoor ponies & a flock of sheep to keep me company up on the hill. Look forward to seeing your Mefisto and meeting up soon. Gary

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